™CompleteSense Controller

Temperature and Level control are built into the probe, and a separate Electronic Temperature controller, or level controller is NOT required. This is the easiest and most cost-effective method of control. A 3 wire PT100 RTD is available as an option if a water basin readout is required.

  • Each Panel can be enclosed in your choice of NEMA 4 ANSI 61 painted cold rolled steel, NEMA 4X stainless steel or our standard NEMA 4X non-metallic enclosure.
  • Each choice of enclosure will have a hinged door.
  • M-Tech CompleteSense sensor/probe with 30-foot jacketed cable is standard. Other lengths are available as options.
  • Built in temperature and level control with programmable time delay for slosh dampening.
  • Available in single, dual, and triplex contactor arrangements. Up to (2) Heaters per contactor maximum)
  • 30-100 Amp heater configurations
  • Fused Disconnect (standard), or Circuit breaker available.
  • 5K interruption capacity is standard, other ratings available.
  • External disconnect handle with padlock provisions to meet lockout tag-out safety requirements.
  • Control circuit transformer with primary and secondary circuit breaker protection
  • 24VAC control voltage standard
  • Field terminations included for the following:
    • Spray Water Circulating Pump
    • Heater/Level Probe.
    • Freezing water low temperature alarm (normally open wired to terminal, but the alarm has a form C contact (NO/NC)) set at 35 Deg. F
  • On/Off selector switch mounted on the door (1 per contactor)
  • Heater Power On Pilot light mounted on the door (1 per contactor)
  • Low water cut out protection for the heater element
  • Low temperature alarm contact wired to terminal strip
  • Each panel is certified UL508A/cUL508A. Available with UL698A certification (Intrinsic Safety)


  • Basin Heater Failure Circuitry – includes a press to test push button, current sensor, delay timer, heater fail pilot light, contacts to test the heater remotely, heater failure normally open contacts wire to field terminals.
  • Alarm horn
  • Alarm Beacon
  • Basin Heater “run” normally open contact wired to terminal blocks

Custom Control panels, including optional spray pump starters and/or fan motor starters, are available. Please contact us with your specific needs.

M-Tech Chill Products – ™CompleteSense Probe Temperature Switch Controller with Built in Water Level Sensing


  • Temperature Level Switch/Controller with built-in level sensing
  • All electronics potted in the fitting
  • Dry contact for temperature outputs
  • Temperature Set-point and reset-point programmable
  • Programmable time delay for slosh damping
  • Level sensing is conductivity type detected at a tip of the probe
  • All stainless 316 construction with PTFE isolator
  • All wetted surfaces approved with potable water
  • Standard fittings ½” and ¾” NPT male, others available
  • PTFE and PVC jacketed cables available
  • Optional connector on sensor fitting available instead of cable
  • Optional RTD 3-wire PT100 Ohm output available


™CompleteSense is an electronic controller with combined Temperature & Level control in a single probe. The primary application is low temperature and low liquid level cutoff protection in cooling tower basins. Temperature and level measurements are detected at the tip of the stainless-steel probe.


™CompleteSense monitors the temperature in the cold water basin of a cooling tower and provides on and off operation of the basin heater element. The set-point is typically programmed at 42OF with an operating band width of 5OF. The adjustable set-point range is from -40 to 176OF (-40 to 80OC). When the temperature drops to 40 OF, the ™CompleteSense energizes the power contactor(s) energizing the basin heater element. The ™CompleteSense de-energizes the power contactor at 45OF. An alarm contact closes when the temperature in the cold water basin is 35 OF or less.


The sensor has dual functions: temperature and low water cutout safety circuit. The low water cutout circuit will not allow the heater to energize unless the sensor is submerged in water. The sensor should be located at least one inch higher than the heater element assuring the heater element is covered with water before energizing. (see Basin Heater location PDF below) Optional 3-wire PT100 Ohm RTD output is available for temperature monitoring and control of water in basin.

The Heater current charts may assist in selecting the proper contactor arrangement. If you are unsure of the correct sizing, we can assist in the selection.

Note on incoming power wiring:

Calculate the amperage as follows:The main incoming power wire requirements are sized based on the total heater nameplate kW and voltage. Calculate the actual load on the heater contactor control panel (the total kW of all the heaters connected to it) or use the nameplate rating in determining the wire size required.

Single Phase Amperage = Total kW x 1000



Three Phase Amperage = Total kW x 1000    

                                             Voltage x 1.732


The field supplied branch circuit disconnect switch and the branch circuit protective devices (fusing or circuit breaker) should be sized to carry at least 100% of the current calculated above.


When calculating a properly sized control panel, we assume there is going to be a maximum of (2) Heaters wired to a single contactor. Our prices are based on this assumption. There is (1) selector switch and (1) pilot light per contactor.

We can modify our standard control panels for you. Let us know your requirements.

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