Manual Motor Starter/Non-Fused Disconnect (MMSNF)

Quick Ship: Evaporative Control Panel – Manual Motor Starter/Fused Disconnect

M-Tech Control’s Manual Motor Starter only control panels offer dependable control of 1-5 independent fans. Our standard product is available in (4 – 32) amp configurations. Our panels are UL508a certified and assembled using Schneider Electric / Square-D components. Each M-Tech Evaporative Fan control panel is backed by our 5-year limited warranty

Each Panel can be enclosed in your choice of NEMA 4 cold rolled steel, NEMA 4X stainless steel and NEMA 4X non-metallic enclosures.

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Panel includes the following as standard:

  • Main non-fusible disconnect  
  • Through the door rotatory disconnect handle. Padlockable for lock out/tag out
  • Available with 1 – 5 Manual Motor Starters
  • Each Manual Motor Starter includes 1 normally open, and 1 normally closed auxiliary contacts for remote status. 
  • All panels with more than 1 Manual Motor Starter will include a buss bar that jumps the power to each starter.
  • All panels with more than 1 Manual Motor Starter will include a main power block that allows the incoming 3 phase power to be wired to a single location.
  • Ground Lugs
  • NEMA 4/12 ANSI 61 painted cold rolled steel, NEMA 4X 304 Stainless Steel, or NEMA 4X non-metallic corrosion resistant enclosures are available. (316 S/S upon request)


  • 2 normally open auxiliary contacts replace standard contacts
  • 2 normally closed auxiliary contacts replace standard contacts
  • Side mount auxiliary contacts available
  • Independent feed configuration for each Manual Motor Starter available. Each Manual Motor Starter will have a through the door disconnect handle, and Feeder Lugs.
  • Manual Motor Starters can be combined with a Variable Frequency Drive to vary the speed of all motors at the same time
skustarter qtyvoltageoverload rangeenclosure typeenclosure sizepriceQuick ShipQuote
MMSND-1-A1-D-F1208V2.5 - 4Non-Metalic10 x 8$272.40Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-1-A2-D-F1230/240V2.5 - 4Non-Metalic10 x 8$272.40Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-1-A4-D-F1460/480V2.5 - 4Non-Metalic10 x 8$272.40Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-1-A5-D-F1575V2.5 - 4Non-Metalic10 x 8$272.40Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-2-A1-D-F2208V2.5 - 4Non-Metalic10 x 8$326.29Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-2-A2-D-F2230/240V2.5 - 4Non-Metalic10 x 8$326.29Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-2-A4-D-F2460/480V2.5 - 4Non-Metalic10 x 8$326.29Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-2-A5-D-F2575V2.5 - 4Non-Metalic10 x 8$326.29Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-3-A1-D-F3208V2.5 - 4Non-Metalic12 x 10$384.46Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-3-A2-D-F3230/240V2.5 - 4Non-Metalic12 x 10$384.46Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-3-A4-D-F3460/480V2.5 - 4Non-Metalic12 x 10$384.46Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-3-A5-D-F3575V2.5 - 4Non-Metalic12 x 10$384.46Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-4-A1-D-F4208V2.5 - 4Non-Metalic12 x 10$437.89Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-4-A2-D-F4230/240V2.5 - 4Non-Metalic12 x 10$437.89Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-4-A4-D-F4460/480V2.5 - 4Non-Metalic12 x 10$437.89Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-4-A5-D-F4575V2.5 - 4Non-Metalic12 x 10$437.89Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-1-A1-E-F1208V4 - 6.3Non-Metalic10 x 8$278.68Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-1-A2-E-F1230/240V4 - 6.3Non-Metalic10 x 8$278.68Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-1-A4-E-F1460/480V4 - 6.3Non-Metalic10 x 8$278.68Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-1-A5-E-F1575V4 - 6.3Non-Metalic10 x 8$278.68Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-2-A1-E-F2208V4 - 6.3Non-Metalic10 x 8$343.78Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-2-A2-E-F2230/240V4 - 6.3Non-Metalic10 x 8$343.78Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-2-A4-E-F2460/480V4 - 6.3Non-Metalic10 x 8$343.78Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-2-A5-E-F2575V4 - 6.3Non-Metalic10 x 8$343.78Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-3-A1-E-F3208V4 - 6.3Non-Metalic12 x 10$415.42Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-3-A2-E-F3230/240V4 - 6.3Non-Metalic12 x 10$415.42Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-3-A4-E-F3460/480V4 - 6.3Non-Metalic12 x 10$415.42Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-3-A5-E-F3575V4 - 6.3Non-Metalic12 x 10$415.42Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-4-A1-E-F4208V4 - 6.3Non-Metalic12 x 10$471.41Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-4-A2-E-F4230/240V4 - 6.3Non-Metalic12 x 10$471.41Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-4-A4-E-F4460/480V4 - 6.3Non-Metalic12 x 10$471.41Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-4-A5-E-F4575V4 - 6.3Non-Metalic12 x 10$471.41Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-1-A1-F-F1208V6 - 10Non-Metalic10 x 8 $278.68Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-1-A2-F-F1230/240V6 - 10Non-Metalic10 x 8 $278.68Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-1-A4-F-F1460/480V6 - 10Non-Metalic10 x 8 $278.68Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-1-A5-F-F1575V6 - 10Non-Metalic10 x 8 $278.68Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-2-A1-F-F2208V6 - 10Non-Metalic10 x 8 $358.10Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-2-A2-F-F2230/240V6 - 10Non-Metalic10 x 8 $358.10Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-2-A4-F-F2460/480V6 - 10Non-Metalic10 x 8 $358.10Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-2-A5-F-F2575V6 - 10Non-Metalic10 x 8 $358.10Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-3-A1-F-F3208V6 - 10Non-Metalic12 x 10$458.39Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-3-A2-F-F3230/240V6 - 10Non-Metalic12 x 10$458.39Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-3-A4-F-F3460/480V6 - 10Non-Metalic12 x 10$458.39Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-3-A5-F-F3575V6 - 10Non-Metalic12 x 10$458.39Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-4-A1-F-F4208V6 - 10Non-Metalic14 x 12$519.59Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-4-A2-F-F4230/240V6 - 10Non-Metalic14 x 12$519.59Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-4-A4-F-F4460/480V6 - 10Non-Metalic14 x 12$519.59Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-4-A5-F-F4575V6 - 10Non-Metalic14 x 12$519.59Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-1-A1-G-F1208V9 - 14Non-Metalic10 x 8$278.68Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-1-A2-G-F1230/240V9 - 14Non-Metalic10 x 8$278.68Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-1-A4-G-F1460/480V9 - 14Non-Metalic10 x 8$278.68Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-1-A5-G-F1575V9 - 14Non-Metalic10 x 8$278.68Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-2-A1-G-F2208V9 - 14Non-Metalic12 x 10$374.16Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-2-A2-G-F2230/240V9 - 14Non-Metalic12 x 10$374.16Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-2-A4-G-F2460/480V9 - 14Non-Metalic12 x 10$374.16Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-2-A5-G-F2575V9 - 14Non-Metalic12 x 10$374.16Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-3-A1-G-F3208V9 - 14Non-Metalic14 x 12$468.04Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-3-A2-G-F3230/240V9 - 14Non-Metalic14 x 12$468.04Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-3-A4-G-F3460/480V9 - 14Non-Metalic14 x 12$468.04Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-3-A5-G-F3575V9 - 14Non-Metalic14 x 12$468.04Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-1-A1-H-F1208V13 - 18Non-Metalic10 x 8$278.68Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-1-A2-H-F1230/240V13 - 18Non-Metalic10 x 8$278.68Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-1-A4-H-F1460/480V13 - 18Non-Metalic10 x 8$278.68Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-1-A5-H-F1575V13 - 18Non-Metalic10 x 8$278.68Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-2-A1-H-F2208V13 - 18Non-Metalic12 x 10$378.95Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-2-A2-H-F2230/240V13 - 18Non-Metalic12 x 10$378.95Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-2-A4-H-F2460/480V13 - 18Non-Metalic12 x 10$378.95Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-2-A5-H-F2575V13 - 18Non-Metalic12 x 10$378.95Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-3-A1-H-F3208V13 - 18Non-Metalic14 x 12$477.64Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-3-A2-H-F3230/240V13 - 18Non-Metalic14 x 12$477.64Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-3-A4-H-F3460/480V13 - 18Non-Metalic14 x 12$477.64Quick ShipAdd
MMSND-3-A5-H-F3575V13 - 18Non-Metalic14 x 12$477.64Quick ShipAdd

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