Contactor/Fused Disconnect - no cover control (BHCDN)

Quick Ship: Basin Heater Control Panel - BHCDN Contactor/Fused Disconnect - no cover control

M-Tech Control’s Contactor/Fused Disconnect control panels offer dependable control of 1-2 basin heaters per contactor. (up to 3 contactors) Our standard product is available in 30 – 60-amp configurations (up to 120A non stock), and offer 24VAC and 120VAC coils. Our panels are UL508a certified and assembled using high quality components. Each M-Tech Basin Heater panel is backed by our 5-year limited warranty

Each Panel can be enclosed in your choice of NEMA 4 cold rolled steel, NEMA 4X stainless steel and NEMA 4X non-metallic enclosures.

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Panel includes the following as standard:

  • Main disconnect
  • Through the door rotatory disconnect handle. Padlockable for lock out/tag out
  • Appropriately sized Fuse holder and Fuses CC Fuses 1-30A. or J Fuses 35-60A included
  • Available with 1 – 3 Magnetic Contactors (Recommend 1-2 Heaters per contactor)
  • Ground Lugs
    Note: this product is designed to operate from a remote signal, and does not have any cover control. The remote start contact (others) is wired to the contactor coil, and requires the correct coil voltage for the coil to energize. If cover control is required, select the Contactor/Fused Disconnect with cover control product.
  • NEMA 4/12 ANSI 61 painted cold rolled steel, NEMA 4X 304 Stainless Steel, or NEMA 4X non-metallic corrosion resistant enclosures are available. (316 S/S upon request)
  • All panels are UL listed for the United States and Canada cUL508A


  • Green Heater ON pilot light
  • Auxiliary Dry Contact.
  • Float Switch.

We also offer custom configurations.

Please contact M-Tech for additional technical information and volume pricing.

The Heater current charts may assist in selecting the proper contactor arrangement. If you are unsure of the correct sizing, we can assist in the selection.

Note on incoming power wiring:

The main incoming power wire requirements are sized based on the total heater nameplate kW and voltage. Calculate the actual load on the heater contactor control panel (the total kW of all the heaters connected to it) or use the nameplate rating in determining the wire size required.

Calculate the amperage as follows:

Single Phase Amperage = Total kW x 1000



Three Phase Amperage = Total kW x 1000    

                                          Voltage x 1.732

The field supplied branch circuit disconnect switch and the branch circuit protective devices (fusing or circuit breaker) should be sized to carry at least 100% of the current calculated above.

skuvoltagecoil voltageamp ratingenclosure typeenclosure sizeEstimated PriceQuick ShipQuote
BHCDN-1030-1FA1208V120VAC30ANon-Metallic10 x 8callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1030-1FA2230/240V120VAC30ANon-Metallic10 x 8callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1030-1FA3380V120VAC30ANon-Metallic10 x 8callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1030-1FA4460/480V120VAC30ANon-Metallic10 x 8callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1030-1FA5575V120VAC30ANon-Metallic10 x 8callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1030-1FA9120V120VAC30ANon-Metallic10 x 8callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1030-2FA1208V24VAC30ANon-Metallic10 x 8callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1030-2FA2230/240V24VAC30ANon-Metallic10 x 8callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1030-2FA3380V24VAC30ANon-Metallic10 x 8callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1030-2FA4460/480V24VAC30ANon-Metallic10 x 8callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1030-2FA5575V24VAC30ANon-Metallic10 x 8callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1030-2FA9120V24VAC30ANon-Metallic10 x 8callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1040-1FA1208V120VAC40ANon-Metallic12 x 10callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1040-1FA2230/240V120VAC40ANon-Metallic12 x 10callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1040-1FA3380V120VAC40ANon-Metallic12 x 10callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1040-1FA4460/480V120VAC40ANon-Metallic12 x 10callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1040-1FA5575V120VAC40ANon-Metallic12 x 10callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1040-1FA9120V120VAC40ANon-Metallic12 x 10callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1040-2FA1208V24VAC40ANon-Metallic12 x 10callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1040-2FA2230/240V24VAC40ANon-Metallic12 x 10callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1040-2FA3380V24VAC40ANon-Metallic12 x 10callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1040-2FA4460/480V24VAC40ANon-Metallic12 x 10callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1040-2FA5575V24VAC40ANon-Metallic12 x 10callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1040-2FA9120V24VAC40ANon-Metallic12 x 10callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1050-1FA1208V120VAC50ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1050-1FA2230/240V120VAC50ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1050-1FA3380V120VAC50ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1050-1FA4460/480V120VAC50ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1050-1FA5575V120VAC50ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1050-1FA9120V120VAC50ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1050-2FA1208V24VAC50ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1050-2FA2230/240V24VAC50ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1050-2FA3380V24VAC50ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1050-2FA4460/480V24VAC50ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1050-2FA5575V24VAC50ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1050-2FA9120V24VAC50ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1060-1FA1208V120VAC60ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1060-1FA2230/240V120VAC60ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1060-1FA3380V120VAC60ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1060-1FA4460/480V120VAC60ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1060-1FA5575V120VAC60ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1060-1FA9120V120VAC60ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1060-2FA1208V24VAC60ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1060-2FA2230/240V24VAC60ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1060-2FA3380V24VAC60ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1060-2FA4460/480V24VAC60ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1060-2FA5575V24VAC60ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd
BHCDN-1060-2FA9120V24VAC60ANon-Metallic14 x 12callQuick ShipAdd

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