Electrical Control Panel Manufacturer

The last thing a manufacturer needs is to get bogged down in the details of building an electrical panel. That’s where M-Tech Control comes in. We are original equipment manufacturers' (OEM) partner for control panel solutions.

Based in Reading, Pennsylvania, M-Tech specializes in the design and build of electrical control panels for a broad range of industries. Using the most up to date electrical codes, components and design practices, our panels are built with stringent attention to detail. Standard and custom enclosures are available, along with custom engraved nameplates. As a dedicated control panel manufacturer, over one hundred quality control checkpoints ensure all specifications are met. Panels are then fully tested and thoroughly documented. M-Tech is proud to be Underwriters Laboratory certified.

Old equipment finds new life at M-Tech. Our technicians have a wealth of experience with upgrades and retrofits. This cost-saving step allows customers to continue using their existing mechanical equipment but with modern electrical technologies.

M-Tech’s focus isn’t just on the details which make panels of exceptional quality; it’s also on being flexible. We tackle high volume orders or can build one or two custom panels at a time. Blanket orders are welcome for those who need just-in-time deliveries.

From small low voltage panels to large multi-door control systems, and industries ranging from HVAC to Environmental Treatment, M-Tech’s electrical packages are in use across the U.S. and around the world.

Our sales experience and panel building expertise position M-Tech as a valued partner for OEM solutions worldwide! M-Tech is the customer’s partner for success! The proof is in our panel!

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The M-Tech Control Advantage

We truly stand by our products, and we work with every size customer. Whether you conduct your business in a 2-car garage, or are a fortune 500 company, we offer the following advantages that make working with M-Tech a positive experience.

  • Free technical support and backed by our five-year limited warranty on all standard control products, we truly stand behind our products!
  • High quality control panel assembly. We follow all up to date electrical codes and electrical practices.
  • Large facilities allow us to build high volume OEM panels
  • Outstanding Prices. We offer volume discounts.
  • Competitive manufacturer negotiations allow us to use high-quality component selections, while maintaining lower prices.
  • We have a large warehouse full of inventory necessary for quick, on-time delivery.
  • Detailed electrical schematics and component / wire labeling for ease of maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Our 100-point inspection procedure is performed on each control panel prior to shipment. We can perform specific sequences of operation simulations.
  • Customer site inspection area available
  • Most of our standard control panels are assembled and shipped within 3 business days.
  • Certifications include: UL508A / UL698A / UL1773 and UL Hazardous locations (NNNY) (US and Canada)
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Get your Panels Fast with our Quick Ship Program

Shutdowns and other emergency situations happen, which can have a critical impact on your project schedule. With quick shipping, you can have the products you need sooner, allowing you to remain on schedule after an emergency situation. Products in the Quick Ship Program include HVAC control, Motor starters, Pump panels, Disconnects and accessories.

M-Tech is able to deliver quick shipping for many of these standard products by pre-building them to have sub-assemblies prepared, contributing to a shorter lead-time and an overall faster shipping process. Through our Quick Ship Program, our standard lead time is 1-4 weeks. (Depending on complexity)

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 M-Tech specializes in electrical control panel assembly for a broad range of industries. Our low voltage panels and large multi-door control systems support industries ranging from HVAC, Pump, Water / Wastewater, Irrigation, Food and Beverage, Pharmaceutical and many more. Our in-house staff listens to customers and translates their needs and specifications into control systems that drive processes and machinery precisely!

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