HVAC Controls

M-Tech Control has developed many standard HVAC control panel products that can help you get your project up and running efficiently and cost-effectively.  Many of the products we offer can ship in 1 to 3 business days! With an industry-leading 3-year limited warranty on most products, we guarantee a high-quality Underwriters Laboratory control panel. We have a staff that has a vast breadth of experience serving major HVAC OEM’s throughout North America. We're a high-quality HVAC control panel manufacturer that you can trust. Let us help you and your company!

We offer the following standard basic packages:

HVAC Customers using M-Tech Control benefit in many ways

  • The convenience of placing orders for one control system instead of dozens of individual components.
  • The luxury of focusing on their entire machine instead of getting mired in the details of building an electrical panel.
  • The peace of mind that comes from knowing their panel will look good and work properly.
  • We keep customers control panels current by always offering the most up-to-date components.
  • We're small enough to remain flexible, handling changes and custom orders quickly but large enough to handle the big jobs.
  • Getting a UL listed control panel without the large investment of time and money that is usually necessary.
  • Being able to keep their own overhead low by not maintaining their own panel shop.
  • Thorough documentation
  • All panels are fully tested to ensure quality every time.

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