Evaporator & HVAC Controls

Evaporator & HVAC Controls


M-Tech Control has developed many standard HVAC control panel products that can help you get your project up and running efficiently and cost-effectively.  Many of the products we offer can ship in 1 to 3 business days! With an industry-leading 5-year limited warranty on most products, we guarantee a high-quality Underwriters Laboratory control panel. We have a staff that has a vast breadth of experience serving major HVAC OEM’s throughout North America. We're a high-quality HVAC control panel manufacturer that you can trust. Let us help you and your company!

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Our Offerings

HVAC Customers using M-Tech Control benefit in many ways

  • The convenience of placing orders for one control system instead of dozens of individual components.
  • The luxury of focusing on their entire machine instead of getting mired in the details of building an electrical panel.
  • The peace of mind that comes from knowing their panel will look good and work properly.
  • We keep customers control panels current by always offering the most up-to-date components.
  • We're small enough to remain flexible, handling changes and custom orders quickly but large enough to handle the big jobs.
  • Getting a UL listed control panel without the large investment of time and money that is usually necessary.
  • Being able to keep their own overhead low by not maintaining their own panel shop.
  • Thorough documentation
  • All panels are fully tested to ensure quality every time.

How to Choose the Right Panel

There are many factors to consider when creating a custom panel. Before the design is sent to manufacturing, we need to learn about the environment for which the panel will be installed. Will there be a significant amount of dust, or require to be washed with a high-pressure liquid? Will it be installed outdoors and face inclement weather? Will it be located in a hazardous gas or dust area? Space available around the control panel is also a determining factor for the size specifications. Required certifications dictate what the enclosure and parts must comply with.

To read about the full process and considerations, click here to learn more or fill out the checklist below.

Custom Control Panel Request

What is an HVAC Control Panel?

HVAC Control Panels serve to provide automated control systems for HVAC equipment. HVAC panels are comprised of many configurations that dictate how to control temperatures and flow. They are utilized for chillers, boilers, central heating, gas heaters, ventilation, air conditioning, and more.

HVAC Control Panel Features

  • UL508A/cUL508A certified, UL698, and Hazardous Location certifications are available 
  • Enclosure choices: NEMA 4 cold rolled steel, NEMA 4X stainless steel, and NEMA 4X non-metallic
  • Single, dual, and triplex contactor solutions for Basin Heater Control
  • Multiple Motor Starters for Evaporative Control
  • Various motor starter configurations

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