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M-Tech Control provides sewage control panel applications. With a constantly growing demand, protecting and improving the world’s most fundamental natural resource is a high priority. Water literally flows through all processes of life and industry and its importance is immeasurable.

Domestically the Water and Wastewater industry typically refers to Public Utilities or Municipal Water facilities. Sewage treatment, biological treatment, filtration, clarification and separation for residential, commercial and industrial sectors all relate to the industry. Events that occurred at Flint Michigan are constant reminders of the important role water plays in our everyday life.

The level of contamination of domestic and industrial sewage differs greatly – chemically and biologically, including solid matter. Water treatment plants remove contaminants and return clean water to the (a) system. There is a complex and often energy-intensive process that sewage must undergo before it reaches the required level of purity.

By using the power of nature, air, microbes, gravity and light - sewage treatment can be very basic. By harnessing this power, the industry has revolutionized sanitation and brought health to their communities, rivers, streams, lakes, and oceans.

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Utilization of water can be complex when used in industrial applications. Since properly treated water is needed, plants must manage equipment to process their incoming and outgoing water. It's cost related to production is increasing and greater regulatory demands must be accounted for. With less water available, manufacturers are working harder to leverage water usage to their competitive advantage. Water can no longer be taken for granted and by 2030 global water demand is projected to exceed available water by 40 percent.

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Industrial wastewater applications:

  • Agricultural processing
  • Chemical processing
  • Food processing and wastewater processes
  • Industrial manufacturing processes
  • Meat packing and rendering
  • Mining
  • Paper processing
  • Potato and root crop processing
  • Steel production
  • and many more


Some of the issues facing the wastewater industry include: the renewal and replacement of aging water and wastewater infrastructure, the financing of capital improvements, public understanding of the value of water systems and services, watershed / source water protection and public acceptance of rate increases. These factors along with the need for emergency preparedness put a higher value on technology and automated systems.

New updated systems will replace and upgrade original equipment. At the same time, utilities are challenged to treat smarter, squeeze more treatment out of the same footprint, reduce energy use and add advanced processes. Newer plants must predict the future by planning for expansion while complying with regulatory limits.

After serving its many uses, water needs to be collected and transported to the wastewater treatment plant to be treated and returned to the environment. As we get closer to the wastewater treatment plant, flow increases and the use of gravity may not be possible. The use of controlled pumps now becomes necessary to maintain flow to the treatment plant.

The closer to the treatment plant you get, the larger the pump requirements become. At the wastewater treatment plant's intake or Headworks station, the municipal wastewater network ends. The raw wastewater is then pumped into the wastewater treatment plant's course screens and onto the controlled treatment process.

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Stormwater pump stations help protect areas by pumping away large volumes of water, thereby limiting the amount of flooding. Many cities and municipalities are located on or near bodies of water, creating the need for large, reliable controlled pumping systems capable of handling large volumes of water. Others are located in flat land areas where natural water runoff is slow and difficult.

Floodwater contains solids and large amounts of material, like branches, leaves, weeds, trash, dirt and sediments such as sand, silt, mud and soil. The control pumps and pump station design must account for the likelihood that these materials will be present and must not get caught in the pumps.

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M-Tech's Role

At the center of advances and challenges will likely be a control panel bringing the latest technologies together enabling central control, improved problem identification and resource management capabilities. M-tech is an experienced partner capable of working with the latest control products and technologies to give the process engineer more power to meet demanding water / wastewater market needs.

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