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This is not your home’s electrical service panel! We build OEM electrical control panels.

OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer is a broad term that describes relationships among hardware, parts and channel partners. An OEM is traditionally defined as a company whose products are used as part of the equipment of another company.

An original equipment manufacturer (OEM) makes equipment or components that are then utilized by its customer, another manufacturer, or a reseller, usually under the final reseller's brand name. OEMs come in many shapes and sizes, making complete devices or specific components. An example of this relationship would be a large automobile manufacturer that uses OEM components in the production of the cars it makes and sells.

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Originally OEM was used to describe a company that produced items, usually hardware or component parts, to be marketed under another company's name brand. While this is still usually the case, OEMs now are selling their products more widely and in some cases, directly to the consumer. The personal computer industry may have played a role in this expansion. As users upgrade their PCs with new parts, they often wish to do so by purchasing replacement parts that were produced by the manufacturer making the original component. The idea is that components and other processed items may interface better if they come from the OEM. Purchasing original equipment replacements means that new and upgraded parts are likely to meet the original factory standards and specifications established for the product. Purchasing OEM parts avoids the risk of "functionally equivalent" or "of like kind and quality" terms.

It is the electrical control panel that gives machinery and automated equipment life. It is the brain that can control, remember, take direction and make decisions year after year, day and night! Each panel is built for a specific purpose and a specific machine, be it a limited production run or a volume based repetitive application.

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Quality electrical panel builders and customers understand win-win. Both win by creating opportunities and eliminating problems. When one gets better, both become more successful. By managing inventory, specialized labor needs and agency approvals; M-Tech provides the win-win value that customers need to focus on their core competencies!

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