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M-Tech Control manufactures high-quality equipment control panels designed to simplify your production stream. A machine is defined as “an apparatus using or applying mechanical power and having several parts, each with a definite function and together performing a particular task”.

So, you have an automated machine manufacturing your new widget? How do you keep the moving parts in the right position, at the right time, with the right temperature and weight ensuring smooth and safe production? More than likely it is with an electrical control panel designed to manage the process with a selection of components controlled by a central processing unit.

Food and Beverage, automotive, electronics, household products and chemicals are a small example of the markets in which electrical panels are used to control production machinery. Electrical Panels can be designed as stations to independently run a process, or even allow a human production worker to work “hand in hand” with a machine.

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Machinery control systems have changed greatly with the development of smaller more powerful central processors and operator displays. Control has moved from mechanical relay logic, switches, indicators and mechanical timers; to high powered PC/PLC systems with high definition touchscreen interfaces.

These developments also demand a high-tech skill set for developers, users, and manufacturers. Each new development, building on the previous norms of expanding options, allows designers to meet the ever-growing expectations of customers.

Many machines can have more than one control panel providing for distributed control. Managing a process from multiple locations and monitoring remote process locations enables better communication throughout; creating better quality, a safer work zone, and high production throughput.

Flexibility and upgradability are also possible with today's electrical panel for machine control. Improvements in programming, sensing, processing speed, and process vision allow for improved utilization, expanding the life and throughput of much of today’s production machinery.

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M-Tech Control Corp can manufacture Machinery Control to the necessary agency standards. Ask us today how we can simplify your production stream by delivering a turnkey electrical panel built to your exact specification!

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