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Crane Control Panels

M-Tech Control manufactures crane control systems that are designed to meet your specifications and tested using UL508a wiring practices. Humans have been moving large items since the beginning of time. Do you need to move something that you can’t physically lift or do you want to rearrange your surroundings to suit a need? A crane is likely a top consideration.

Inventive minds have always looked for ways to overcome a challenge, and lifting or moving large objects represents the most basic of industrial pursuits. Whether it’s a hand pendant controlled workstation or the latest wireless technology, cranes have broad applications.

Loading and unloading of shipping containers, food and beverage hoists that incorporate a scale, moving aircraft subassemblies from one end of a plant to another, are all applications that we take for granted due to ongoing developments in the lifting industry.

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Safety and effectiveness are important considerations for every lifting device. For example, as a monorail crane moves an assembly from station to station throughout an entire plant, worker safety and production management are key to the design. By using electrical panels remotely and for central control, real time information from the crane system becomes a valuable tool!

Basic lifting needs still exist, but today more is asked of machinery, and Crane/Gantry/Lift Station Controls are no exception. Sway Control, preventing snags, hook centering, accurate load positioning, synchronizing multiple hooks, micro-speeds, safety, and zone avoidance are all considerations for crane design and are all tasks that are likely addressed using today's automation technology housed in a UL 508a electrical panel.

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Application Examples include:

  • Gantry Cranes
  • Workstations
  • Jib Cranes
  • Scissor Lifts
  • Overhead Bridge Cranes
  • Food grade Hoists
  • Boom Crane
  • Monorail

M-Tech's Role

Whether lifting an automobile to change the oil or moving heavy equipment sub-assemblies into position, lift station safety and control is important business! Incorporating vision sensors, position sensors and safety sensors requires the use of the latest industrial technologies and it is of the utmost importance to assemble and design the control panel as safely as possible. M-Tech is the partner of choice to assemble electrical panels to OEM drawings, or design to the customers' specifications, and test using UL508a wiring practices!

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